Peak Consulting Inc.
Make Recruiting Easy


How many candidates do you want to interview 2, 3, 4?


Most clients answer three or less, any more is a waste of time. Quality, not quantity is the foundation of the Peak Consulting Recruiting Model. At Peak Consulting we recognize time is your most valuable asset and it must be invested wisely.  Our goal is to make it easy for our clients by investing in the up-front profiling and planning thereby reducing the field of candidates to a select few, allowing you to make a quick and accurate decision.



"Quite often the most highly qualified candidates are already employed and not actively seeking change. By applying our Eight Step Recruiting Model, we combine the candidate profile with a recruiting strategy customized to your needs. This guides us to a specific set of target companies, including competitors, where a similar business objective has been successfully completed. When you find that environment, you find your match."


Steven M. Kinnear

Vice President of Recruiting

Information Technology & Finance