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We recognize you are extremely busy and we have created a model to "make it easy" for you to meet your recruiting objectives. Our recruiters come from the business side and have made recruiting their career only after gaining the business acumen and domain expertise necessary to clearly understand your needs. We believe that an investment of our time up front saves both Peak and our client time in the long run.


Here’s an overview of our recruiting process:


Step I:   Client Company Profile

We review your company profile including financials, business strategies and objectives in the public domain, historic data, executives including board members, competitors, market data and trends. This gives us a foundation upon which our recruiting strategy can be launched.


Step II:   Client Interview

We complete a 30 to 60 minute client interview to clearly define the candidate profile. We recognize this is a significant up front investment of time, but we are confident that this investment actually expedites the search and decision process and pays dividends later.


Step III:   Recruiting Strategy

Based on the company profile data combined with the client interview data, we will determine the best approach to your search. Often this is a laser focused approach where a candidate profile is aligned with a set of profiled target companies and we begin the hunt.


Step IV:   Confirm & Execute

Once the strategy has been created, we will confirm our approach with our client and execute utilizing one of the many search techniques in our arsenal.


Step V:   Interview and Select

Peak consultants will interview and down select the top candidates based on the candidate profile and the recruiting strategy.


Step VI:   Submit

We will then submit the resumes for your review and schedule interviews.



Step VII:   Select, Offer & Acceptance

At this point you determine the best candidate, complete your internal interview process and make an offer. Once the candidate accepts your offer, we move into the post acceptance stage.


Step VIII:   Post Acceptance

Very often, once the candidate has accepted the offer, the actual work begins. More often than not, acceptance requires change in the form of relocation. Peak Consulting will offer guidance in this process.


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